Pre-compliance EMC Testing

The goal of pre-compliance testing is to mimic the compliance test setup within an acceptable margin to uncover potential problems and thereby to reduce the risk of failure prior to the expensive full compliance test stage. It provides an affordable and convenient investment alternative to fully accredited compliance facilities. Pre-compliance testing offers a fast, affordable method for evaluating Client’s design and its modifications made through design process. Pre-compliance testing may also be used in later stages to identify an early compliance problems and hence improve the probability of a successful first pass during full EMC compliance testing.

Full Compliance EMC Testing

Compliance testing at EMC test facility will be performed using methods, equipment and measurement sites in compliance with national/international standards. The testing at facility provides complete certification to confirm the electrical safety testing, emissions testing and susceptibility testing in compliance with the IEC standards/CISPR. Immunity and Emission testing of a equipment under test (EUT) is carried out in NABL compliant semi anechoic chamber. Usually, EMC compliance testing can be exhaustive, time consuming and expensive as it involves various testes depending on the category and applicability area of the EUT.

Electrical Safety Testing

Electrical safety testing is very crucial to ensure the safety of patients, operators, which might usually be expose to direct contact of medical electrical devices including the safe operating standards of developed medical devices. Electrical safety testing is mainly performed to ensure that the Medical Electrical Equipment (ME) is will not produce electrical hazards and hence it is electrically safe to use in a healthcare setup.


Certification will be available soon.